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Consultations with Dr. Meyers

Please feel free to have a support person on the phone. Dr. Meyers has found that when a person doesn't feel well it is often difficult for him or her to remember what has been said and having another person on the line who can take notes and help recall can be a big help in your recovery. You may also tape record the session if you have the equipment. Your doctor or other health care provider you feel comfortable with is also welcome on the phone call.

Please send or fax the following information. Dr. Meyers will review your information prior to speaking with you on the phone.

  • Any pertinent medical records
  • Any lab test results
  • All diagnosis-if you have one or more than one
  • All medications
  • All supplementation
  • A list of the little d symptoms which have been troublesome to you in the last six months (for an explanation of the importance of your little d's, read Super Foods for a Lifetime of Health by Dr. Ron Meyers) . You are encouraged to keep a piece of paper handy and record them as you think of them.
If you have taken the Dr. Meyers Wellness Evaluation, send a copy of the graph and the back pages, which list your responses to the 450 little d questions.

To make a phone appointment with Dr. Meyers, please call (800) 423-0620. Records should be faxed to (760) 789-1582

If you do not have access to a fax, you may send a copy of your information to:

Bio-Science Nutrition Institute
P.O. Box 325
Ramona, CA 92065

Fees: The initial phone consultation is a minimum one half hour at $150.00. Additional time is billed at $5.00 minute. Follow up consultations, should they be needed are billed at $5.00 minute, no minimum time.

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